A mother and daughter walk on the Winter Walk

Come and enjoy the Winter Walk around Seven Acres, no matter what the weather. Themed planting along hard-surfaced pathways means everyone can enjoy the scents and colours that make winter gardens extra special.

Betula utilis jacquemontiiBeautiful barks 

Snakebark maples such as Acer davidii Viper (‘Mindavi’) and Acer × conspicuum ‘Phoenix’ have intriguing ‘skin’, which contrasts with the glossy, rich red, flaky bark of the cherry Prunus serrula

You can find more interesting barks with our free Beauty of Bark trail (1.7MB pdf)

Bright Cornus stemsA rainbow of stems

Colourful stems of different dogwoods and willows create a rainbow of colours, wonderful on winter days. Bright red stems of Cornus alba Baton Rouge (‘Minbat’) are truly eye-catching, whereas the white, wiry stems of brambles look quite ghostly.

Find out more about the winter stems we grow, and how we cut them back ready for spectacular displays each year. 

Hamamelis 'Adieu'Scents to delight

Fragrance fills the air thanks to witch hazels (Hamamelis) and daphnes, and at ground level, irises and hellebores enrich the scene below some characterful conifers such as Thuja plicata ‘Whipcord’.

Download the Winter Walk leaflet and map 

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