Carnivorous Plant Show

Special Event

RHS Garden Wisley, GU23 6QB

RHS Garden Wisley, GU23 6QB


RHS Garden Wisley
Wisley Lane
GU23 6QB


RHS Garden Wisley, Woking, Surrey


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    10am - 4pm

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    Special Event

Explore the fascinating world of carnivorous plants from the UK and around the world at the Carnivorous Plant Society Show. There will be talks on the planting, care and use of these plants in the garden and demonstrations on how to propagate them yourself. Visitors will find unusual plants and books for sale from members of the Carnivorous Plant Society and Sarracenia Nurseries as well as friendly experts on hand for advice and questions.

Join us at 11am and 2pm on both days for 'The Natural History of Carnivorous Plants' - an illustrated presentation.

The wide range of plants on display will include:

Sarracenia - North americal Pitcher Plants
Nepenthes - Tropical Pitcher Plants
Cephalotus - Albany Pitcher Plants
Dionaea muscipula - venus fly traps
Drosera - sundews
Pinguicula - butterworts
Utricularia - bladderworts
Darlingtonia - California pitcher plants
Heliamphora - Sun pitcher plants
Genlisea - Corkscrew Plants

This event will take place in the Glasshouse Gallery.

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