Create a community food garden

Bring people together to grow food – sharing the reward of fresh and tasty produce

You can create a community vegetable plot anywhere – it could be a raised bed in a public space, a shared area on an estate, a revamped piece of unloved land, or in your front gardens along the street. It’s a great way to bring people together to build on a shared passion for food.

Community benefits 

Besides providing fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs for your local community or group to enjoy, a vegetable plot can offer everyone some very real benefits. It teaches new skills, helps people keep fit, supports wildlife, helps people to live a sustainable lifestyle and makes communities more environmentally friendly.

Engaging local people

Once a community vegetable plot is up and running, local residents are more likely to want to get involved and an open day is a great way to engage them. A day where people help to clear overgrown brambles or rubbish, prepare more vegetable beds, plant seeds, build sheds and help the space to grow are often very successful. These sort of activities are a great way to share skills and get to know each other but you could also try interactive open days where people take part in bug hunts or growing workshops. Sharing out the bumper crop of fresh organic vegetables is a great way of showing local people that the vegetable garden is a great success and telling them all about new opportunities to get involved.

Advice and inspiration

Getting a community vegetable plot up and running can seem daunting. Here’s some information and inspiration to get you started. 

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