How to hold an RHS Big Seed Sow

From sharing resources and gardening knowledge to making new connections, find out how you can get involved and host your own RHS Big Seed Sow in your local community

What we're sowing

Applications for welcome packs are now closed. If you’d like to grow along with us, this year we’re sowing:

Five ways to hold an RHS Big Seed Sow

If you’re an individual looking to connect with your neighbourhood...
  1. Invite a neighbour round to sow seeds and get to know each other
  2. Share your seeds by posting through letterboxes, with an invitation to get involved
  3. Green your neighbourhood by sowing seeds on your street
  4. Hold a street party with seed sowing, activities and food and drink
  5. Connect with a community venue and ask them to help you celebrate the RHS Big Seed Sow
If you’re a community group, garden or school...
  1. Hold a mass sowing day at your garden or space and invite everyone to lend a hand
  2. Facilitate a seed-sowing workshop to share skills and knowledge
  3. Include the RHS Big Seed Sow in your lessons or gardening club to teach about plant life cycles and germination
  4. Invite your community to share and swap seeds, and go home with something new
  5. Hold a germination race! Which class or group’s seeds will sprout the soonest?
RHS Community Outreach Big Seed Sow event in Chelmsford

Sowing your seeds

DIY colourful paper seedling pots
DIY colourful paper seedling pots

Download our handy guide for a step-by-step on sowing your seeds, or see our video guides below. Once you’ve sown your seeds, add your contribution to the RHS Grow With It map.

How to sow seeds from the RHS Big Seed Sow 2024

Find out how to prepare your soil and sow seeds from the RHS Big Seed Sow 2024.


More resources

If you’ve already sent out your RHS Big Seed Sow invitations, download an RHS Big Seed Sow poster to let everyone know about your event.

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