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Common name: Lady’s mantle

Forming mounds of scalloped leaves, topped with a froth of acid-green flowers in mid-summer, these low-maintenance ground-cover plants thrive in sun or partial shade. There are several species, but the most popular – and deservedly so – is Alchemilla mollis. A staple of the cottage-style gardens, alchemilla is also a classic cut-flower companion to roses and sweet peas.


Alchemillas produce frothy billows of greeny-yellow flowers in summer, above compact mounds of rounded leaves. These catch raindrops, making them appear jewelled after a downpour. Alchemillas are herbaceous perennials, so they die down in autumn but reappear in spring.


Alchemillas are hardy, easy-going plants that are happy in sun or partial shade, in most soil types.


They dislike waterlogged or very dry conditions, prefering slightly moist but free-draining soil.

Did you know?

Alchemillas are unaffected by most pests – slug and snails avoid their downy leaves, and even rabbits and deer usually turn up their noses at them. So alchemillas are a great choice if your garden is badly affected by any of these creatures.

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