Growing guide

How to grow epiphytic ferns

Some of our most popular houseplants belong to this group of tree-dwelling ferns, which form handsome clumps of foliage in an array of shapes, sizes and textures – from delicate, lacy fronds to large, dramatic antler-like forms. Tropical species enjoy high humidity, careful watering and moderate light levels.

Quick facts

  • Position in bright but indirect light and keep above 16°C (60°F) 

  • Raise the humidity to ensure the leaves stay lush and green

  • Plant in free-draining compost that is slightly acidic (ericaceous)

  • Let the compost get almost dry before watering and ​use rainwater if possible

  • Feed with diluted orchid fertiliser from spring to autumn

All you need to know

Before you get started
Ongoing care
Pruning and training
While we think all this information will be helpful to you, we always recommend to read the instruction labels on your plants.

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