Plant pests and wildlife in the garden

Our RHS entomologists provide advice and research into insects and garden animals alike, including the desirables and undesirables

Lily beetleOur entomologists (insect experts) focus on all animal life found in gardens, carrying out research and providing advice. This helps gardeners make informed choices about plant selection and pest control.

The focus of the Entomology sections research is biodiversity (wildlife) in gardens and the biology of plant pests. This research enables RHS entomologists to provide accurate and up-to-date advice. Results from research are published in scientific journals and interpretation provided in garden magazines and via the RHS website.

Can you help with our research?

rosemary beetleAs part of our research we are carrying out citizen science web surveys of four invasive non-native species. If you think you have seen any of the following non-native pests then follow the links to find out more, and help us track these pests.

The RHS is keen for this data to be used and would like to collaborate in research. Contact [email protected] if you are interested in using RHS data for research.

Plant pests and garden wildlife publications

Articles on pests and garden wildlife are regularly produced for The Garden magazine, the Advice pages on the RHS website and the Wild About Gardens website.

Research work is published in peer-reviewed journals, as are records of pests new to Britain, the research is also interpreted for the gardener through RHS media outlets. Some of these have come about from enquiries sent to the RHS Gardening Advice. The Entomology team always reports suspected first sightings to the relevant plant health authority.

Table of recent publications from the RHS entomology team

Entomology research projects

The RHS entomologists specialise in the fauna found in gardens, carrying out research and providing advice. Research projects include investigating biodiversity (wildlife) in gardens and the biology and distribution of invasive non-native plant pests. This research enables us to provide accurate and up-to-date advice on pests and wildlife in UK gardens. The entomologists inform RHS Perfect for Pollinators which promotes the use of garden plants that provide resources for pollinating insects. These lists have been endorsed in the UK governments National Pollinator Strategy

Plants for Bugs

Read about our four-year study into wildlife gardening which was undertaken at RHS Garden Wisley in Surrey


With your support, we can undertake valuable research into gardening pests and diseases.

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