Plant disease publications

Table of recent publications from the RHS plant pathology team. In addition to the scientific articles listed below the plant pathology team also makes regular contributions to the advice pages in The Garden magazine

Date Title Author Publication Link
2017 First report of Grapevine fanleaf virus infecting grapevine in the United Kingdom. Silva G, Lecourt J, Clover G R G and Seal S E New Disease Reports 36:9 Read full report
2017 Associations between Armillaria species and host plants in UK gardens. Drakulic J, Gorton C, Pérez-Sierra A M, Clover G R G, Beal L Plant Disease 11:1903–1909 Read abstract
2017 Complete nucleotide sequence of clematis chlorotic mottle virus, a new member of the family Tombusviridae. McLaughlin M, Lockhart B, Jordan R, Denton G, Mollov D Archives of Virology 162:1373–1379 Read abstract
2017 First record of the fungus Blumeriella kerriae in the UK. Robinson R J, Konyves K, Scrace J New Disease Reports 35:34 Read full report
2017 Honey fungus: new insights into a tree killer. Ford K, Bailey A and Foster G The Plantsman, March 2017: 48–54
2017 Revisiting an often overlooked disease: white mould (Ramularia deusta) of sweet pea. Robinson R J and Cox T National Sweet Pea Society Annual Journal
2017 Let's keep them out. Clover G and Carson–Taylor L The Garden, May 2016:64–65
2017 RHS Science Update: Xylella. Robinson R The Garden, September 2017:60–61
2016 First report of powdery mildew on Heuchera in the UK. Denton G, Denton J O, Ellingham O and Robinson R New Disease Reports 33:23 Read full report
2016 First record of Verticillium sp. causing wilt on Impatiens hawker in Europe. Beal E, Denton J O, Denton G J and Scrace J New Disease Reports 33:18 Read full report
2016 First record of Erysiphe alphitoides on Wisteria brachybotrys and W. frutescens, and first record of its chasmothecia on Wisteria. Denton G, Denton J O and Cook R T A New Disease Reports 33:5 Read full report
2016 A native promoter and inclusion of an intron is necessary for efficient expression of GFP or mRFP in Armillaria mellea. Ford K, Baumgartner K, Henricot B, Bailey A and Foster G D Nature Scientific Reports 6 Read abstract
2016 A faster inoculation assay for Armillaria using herbaceous plants. Ford K, Henricot B, Baumgartner K, Foster G D The Journal of Horticultural Science and Biotechnology 92:39–74 Read abstract
2016 AHDB Fact Sheet 09/16 Control of Heuchera rust. Wedgwood E and Robinson R AHBD Horticulture Buy online
2016 Potential contribution of biological control to integrated management of plant diseases in UK gardens. Cromey M, Robinson R, Barter G and Clover G IOBC-WPRS Bulletin
2016 Dealing with Box Problems. Cromey M and Platoni A The Garden, August 2016:61–63 Read full article
2016 Aerial oomycetes: Assessing Management and Control Options Needed in UK Edible and Ornamental Crops. Hamilton M, Wedgwood E, Cromey M, Scrace J, Denton G, Van Sprang C, Mayne S, O’Neill T, Pettit T AHDB Horticulture
2016 IPM challenges for ornamentals. Cromey M, Jones H, Clover G, Collier R, Bruce T, Walker P, Walters K, Griffiths A Advances in IPM 2016
2016 My task this month: plant diseases. Cromey M Grow Your Own, September
2015 Widespread Phytophthora infestations in European nurseries put forest, semi-natural and horticultural ecosystems at high risk of Phytophthora diseases. Jung T et al. Forest Pathology 46:134–163 Read abstract
2015 Potyviruses and tobraviruses infecting ornamental Allium species in the United Kingdom. Scrace J, Denton J O and Clover G R G New Disease Reports 32:13 Read full report
2015 Characterisation and risk assessment of the emerging Peronospora disease on Aquilegia. Denton G, Beal E, Kilty A, Denton J O, Choi Y-J, Thines M Mycological Progress 14:69 Read abstract
2015 The action of allicin against Armillaria spp. in vitro Beal E J, Henricot B, Peace A J, Waghorn I A G, Denton J O Forest Pathology 45:450–458 Read abstract
2015 A reliable in vitro fruiting system for Armillaria mellea for evaluation of Agrobacterium tumefaciens transformation vectors. Ford K L, Baumgartner K, Henricot B, Bailey A M, Foster G D Fungal Biology 119:859–869 Read abstract
2015 First record of downy mildew, caused by Peronospora belbahrii, on Solenostemon scutellarioides in the UK. Denton G, Beal E, Denton J O New Disease Reports 31:14 Read full report
2015 Grapevine rupestris stem pitting-associated virus detected in Vitis vinifera in the United Kingdom. Immanuel T, Delmiglio C,  Ward L I, Denton J O, Clover G R G New Disease Reports 31:10 Read full report
2015 Pathology of oak-wisteria powdery mildew. Cook R T A, Denton J O, Denton G Fungal Biology 119:657–671 Read abstract
2015 Grapevine viruses: a threat to the UK industry? Clover G The Grape Press
2015 Grapevine viruses. Clover G The Garden, May 2015:64–65
2015 Impact of native and exotic plants on soil biodiversity and ecosystem function. Bird S PhD Thesis
2015 First reports of Grapevine fleck virus, Grapevine leafroll-associated virus 1 and Grapevine virus A in the UK. Immanuel T, Delmiglio C, Ward L I , Denton J O, Clover G R G Plant Disease 99:898 Read abstract
2015 First report of the rust Puccinia porri on cultivated Allium vineale ‘Hair’ in the United Kingdom. Sansford C E, Beal E J, Denton G, Denton J O New Disease Reports 31:4 Read full report
2015 First report of Wisteria vein mosaic virus in the UK. Clover G, Denton G, Denton J O New Disease Reports 31:1 Read full report
2014 Phytophthora pachypleura sp. nov., a new species causing root rot of Aucuba japonica and other ornamentals in the United Kingdom. Henricot B, Pérez Sierra A and Jung T Plant Pathology 63:1095–1109 Read abstract
2014 Improving ITS sequence data for identification of plant pathogenic fungi. Nilsson R H et al. Fungal Diversity 67:11–19 Read abstract
2014 Phytophthora niederhauserii sp. nov., a polyphagous species associated with ornamentals, fruit trees and native plants in 13 countries. Abad Z G et al. Mycologia 106:431–447 Read abstract
2014 First report of Ilyonectria sp. affecting foliage of Tulipa. Denton J O and Denton G J New Disease Reports 29:8 Read full report
2014 Ilyonectria species affecting tulip foliage. Denton J O and Denton G J Daffodil, Snowdrop and Tulip Yearbook, RHS Books
2014 Phytophthora terminalis sp. nov. and Phytophthora occultans sp. nov., two pathogens of ornamental plants in Europe. Man in 't Veld W A, Rosendahl K C H M, van Rijswick P C J, Meffert J P, Westenberg M, van de Vossenberg B T L H, Denton G and van Kuik F A J Mycologia 107:54–56 Read abstract
2014 First report of powdery mildew on Solenostemon Denton G J, Beal E and Denton J O New Disease Reports 30:18 Read full report
2014 First report of collar and root rot caused by Phytophthora hedraiandra on Viburnum in the UK Henricot B and Waghorn I New Disease Reports 29:8 Read full report
2014 The role and diversity of Pythium and Phytophthora in UK gardens. Denton G PhD thesis, Imperial College, London. Read full thesis
2013 Phytophthora. Henricot B The Garden, September 2013:72–73
2013 First report of powdery mildew on Sorbaria. Denton G J, Denton J O and Cook R T A New Disease Reports 28:15 Read full report
2013 Box Blight. Henricot B The Garden, March 2013:84–86
2013 First record of smut caused by Entyloma eschscholziae on California poppy in the United Kingdom. Henricot B, Scrace J and Spooner B New Disease Reports 28:10 Read full report
2013 Ash Dieback. Henricot B The Garden, January 2013:56–57
2013 Evaluation of foliar fungicide sprays for the control of boxwood blight, caused by the fungus Cylindrocladium buxicola. Henricot B and Wedgwood E Plant Health Progress Read full publication
2012 Membrane-based oligonucleotide array developed from multiple markers for the detection of many Phytophthora species. Chen W, Djama Z R, Coffey M, Martin F N, Bilodeau G, Radmer L, Denton G and Levesque A Phytopathology 103:43–54. Read abstract
2012 Occurrence of Boeremia exigua var. heteromorpha on Nerium oleander in the United Kingdom. Henricot B New Disease Reports 26:20 Read full report
2012 Proposal to conserve the name Cylindrocladium buxicola against C.pseudonaviculatum (Ascomycota). Henricot B, David J, Ivors K, Heungens K, Spooner B, Pérez Sierra A and Daughtrey M L Taxon 61:1119–1120 Read full publication
2012 Impatiens downy mildew. Beal L The Garden, May 2012:44–45
2011 Honey fungus. Henricot B The Garden, November 2011:58–59
2010 RHS Simple Steps to Success: Pests and Diseases. Halstead A and Henricot B Dorling Kindersley, 144 pp.
2010 New diseases of Trillium in the UK caused by Colletotrichum lineola and Urocustis trillii. Henricot B New Disease Reports 22:32 Read full report
2010 First report of Ascochyta dolomitica causing leaf spots on Hepatica acutiloba in the UK. Henricot B New Disease Reports 22:30 Read full report
2010 Comparative susceptibility of pine, spruce and larch to sap stain. Beal E, Webber J F and Eaton R A Forest Pathology 40:116–128 Read abstract
2010 First record of Oidium anamorph of Podosphaera xanthii on Medusagyne oppositifolia. Pettitt T, Henricot B, Matatiken D and Cook R T A New Disease Reports 21:12 Read full report
2009 Peronospora belbahrii causing downy mildew disease on Agastache in the UK: a new host and location for the pathogen. Henricot B, Denton J, Scrace J, Barnes A V and Lane C R New Disease Reports 20:26 Read full report
2009 Recently introduced diseases of ornamental plants. Henricot B The Plantsman, December 2009:216–223. Read full article
2009 Pseudocercospora cladosporioides, the cause of leaf spot on olive, a new pathogen to the UK. Henricot B, Gorton C, Denton J and Denton G Plant Pathology 58:803 Read full publication
2009 First report of Albugo trianthemae on Delosperma and Lampranthus in the UK. Henricot B, Denton G, Denton J, Scrace J and Spooner B Plant Pathology 58:808 Read abstract
2008 Snow mould caused by a Pythium sp.: a potential vascular plant pathogen in the maritime Antarctic. Bridge P D, Newsham K K, Denton G J Plant Pathology 57:1066–1072 Read abstract
2008 Studies on the control of Cylindrocladium buxicola using fungicides and host resistance. Henricot B, Gorton C, Denton G, Denton J Plant Disease 98:1273–1279 Read full publication
2008 Association of the coprophilous fungus Pirella circinans with an indigenous beetle on the sub-Antarctic Bird Island. Bridge P D, Hughes K A and Denton J O Polar Biology 31:657–661 Read abstract
2008 Occurrence of powdery mildew (Erysiphe sp.) on Echeveria spp., Crassula spp., Cotyledon and Dudleya in the UK. Henricot B Plant Pathology 57:779 Read abstract
2007 First report of powdery mildew on Deutzia spp. in the UK. Denton G and Henricot B Plant Pathology 56:353 Read abstract
2007 Introduction or stimulation? The association of Stropharia aurantiaca with bark and wood-chip mulches. Bridge P D and Prior C European Journal of Soil Biology 42–101–108 Read abstract
2007 Isolation of diverse viable fungi from the larvae of the introduced chironomid Eretmoptera murphyi on Signy Island. Bridge P D and Denton G J Polar Biology 30:935–937 Read abstract
2007 First report of Puccinia heucherae on Heuchera the UK. Henricot B, Denton G and Lane C Plant Pathology 56:352 Read full report
2007 New report of a powdery mildew on Wisteria in the UK. Henricot B and Cook R T A Plant Pathology 57:374 Read full report
2007 Phloeosporella ceanothi causing leaf spot and dieback on Ceanothus in the UK. Denton J, Henricot B, Denton G, Barnes A V and Beales P A Plant Pathology 57:782 Read full report
2006 First record of Neoerysiphe galeopsidis on Acanthus spinosus in the UK. Cook R T A, Henricot B and Beales P Plant Pathology 55:575 Read abstract
2006 Box blight: rampages onwards. Henricot B The Plantsman, September 2009:153–157 Read full article
2006 Morphological and phylogenetic comparisons amongst powdery mildews on Catalpa in UK. Cook R T A, Henricot B, Henrici A and Beales P Mycological Research 110:672–685 Read abstract
2005 First record of rust Puccinia lagenophorae Cooke on Emilia spp. in the UK. Henricot B and Denton G Plant Pathology 54:242 Read full report
2005 Comment: plant pathogens on the move. Henricot B and Gorton C Microbiology Today 32:100 Read full article
2005 Survival of honey fungus in wood and bark chip mulches. Pérez Sierra A and Gorton C The Plantsman, December 2005:204–207 Read full article
2005 Cylindrocladium pauciramosum causes root and collar rot of Polygala myrtifolia L. in Spain. Pérez Sierra A, Álvarez L A, Henricot B, García Jiménez J and Armengol J Plant Pathology 55:298 Read full report
2005 First record of Cylindrocladium pauciramosum on Ceanothus in the UK. Lane C R, Beales P A, Henricot B and Holden A New Disease Reports 11:55 Read full report

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