Time is a Healer supporting Primrose Hospice

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Time is a Healer provides a space for counselling the bereaved with a focus on children losing a loved one. The garden is designed to build awareness of the work of Primrose Hospice and the many support services they offer to the community.

The space explores the journey that the bereaved travel and the mixture of emotions experienced in this traumatic period. The journey is symbolised by the central sculpture akin to a clock face and by the four exits, which enable the bereaved to enter and exit the garden at the ‘time’ that is right for them.

The planting explores the changing emotions of bereavement from periods of depression represented by dark foliage and flowers, moving to a mixed palette of colours representing confused emotions. Finally, a calming palette of greens and whites for those who reach peace and acceptance. Hedging and trees offer a sense of enclosure.

The bespoke central sculpture and benches crafted by local artists offer opportunities for discussion or quiet thought.

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