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Sanctum offers an oasis amid the chaos of contemporary life. Featuring a striking black charred wood pod at its centre, which creates a visual contrast with the lush green foliage.

As a tranquil refuge, Sanctum provides a space to escape from what can feel like the relentless digital overload and hectic pace of corporate life. Sanctum highlights the importance of incorporating natural elements into corporate environments for a more balanced, health-conscious work atmosphere.

The majority of the planting is selected for rich green foliage and various textures, with occasional subdued hints of colour. The focus on plants suitable for shaded environments makes it ideal for city spaces, often lacking in sunlight.

At a glance:

Who is this garden for? 
For employees to rejuvenate from technology and connect with nature.
Where is the garden set?  
A corporate setting in London with lack of sun.
Who or what is the design inspiration?
Sanctum offers a sanctuary for employees to escape from technology, emphasising mental health and well-being in the workplace.

Key sustainability points

  • Using peat free compost.
  • Thermally treated wood originating from the fast growing radiate pine is used in the garden. It has very high durability and is thermally treated without chemicals.

BBC / RHS People’s Choice Award

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