Caledonian Coastal

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A contemporary space inspired by the beauty of the Scottish coastline, The Caledonian Coastal Garden features a successional planting scheme comprising species that naturally occur in coastal landscapes.

The design combines pine trees and timber features, evoking the feeling of a maritime forest edge. Fragmented paving edges allow the planting to spill into the hard landscape, blurring the boundary between both elements.

This represents the resilience of vegetation to thrive in challenging conditions. The route through the garden ends with a pebble beach leading to a seawater pool featuring large boulders emulating the ruggedness of the exposed shoreline.

The design centres on the placement of natural and designed elements and how they interact. It features coastal plants such as Limonium vulgare (sea lavender), L. platyphyllum (broad-leaved statice), Stachys byzantina (lamb’s ears), Salicornia europaea and Eryngium maritimum (sea thistle).

Also sponsored by Deepdale Trees, CED Stone and Urban Landscapes. 

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