Petrus' Paradise

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Designed by staff, volunteers and service users from Petrus Community, a homelessness charity in Rochdale, this garden has a Persian paradise theme and represents a service user’s journey through life with Petrus.

The entrance of the garden shows a road to recovery – the pathway is relaxing, while the scents and sights entice the user further. A shelter sits at the far end, offering a place of shelter, safety and reflection.

Safety, peace and sanctuary are central to the design and are reflected in the planting. A white and purple colour scheme provides a calming feel, with Veronica spicata, lavender and Myrtus communis some of the key plants.

Edible plants, such as plum trees, Cynara cardunculus (globe artichokes) and rosemary are included because nourishment is a key feature that Petrus’ service users wanted to include.

Pelargoniums and myrtle (Myrtus communis) have been chosen for their aromatic, sensory foliage alongside yucca and Festuca glauca which add exotic appeal.

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