Zoflora: Outstanding Natural Beauty

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The garden is inspired by the patterns of Yorkshire; dry stone walls define a linear landscape of pastures and meadows, contrasting with gently curving waterflows. At higher levels the wind sculpts the landscape, exposing rocks and shaping trees. A weathered steel and stone seating area provides shelter and connects to the rest of the garden by water that flows into a wilder area of meadow, hedges and woodland.

The main terrace has ‘gardenesque’ planting that runs beside the water. The meadow moves through the garden, meeting the back of the seating area’s enclosing dry stone wall. These ‘flows’ of planting connect the formal and informal elements. The ground is sculpted to create different levels, framing views into and within the garden.

The terrace walls flow down to form rough stone seats, which are ‘backed’ by weathered steel set into the walls. The terrace is further protected by enclosing trees, and a small group of trees at the other end of the garden form a shelter belt.

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