Apeiron: The Dibond Garden

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  • Singer, Eva Cassidy's rendition of 'Fields of Gold', clouds of Gypsophila and weathered sheets of rusted COR-TEN steel are all personal references to the designer's family. Cornflowers, flax and poppies were grown by her mother and the imitation rivets that appear to hold the COR-TEN steel box together were manufactured by her father making the building of this garden a family affair
  • The Breedon gravel path that travels in and around the garden follows a figure-of-eight. It carries the visitor from the finite exterior, and its sombre planting of deep purples and pinks, through the centre of the mirrored and infinite landscape - an apeiron - of the dream-like meadow planting of pale-pinks and blues
  • The designer draws in the borrowed landscape of Hampton Court Palace with the rusty COR-TEN steel reflecting its red brickwork, the box-like structure of the container imitating the quads in the Palace grounds, and the Breedon gravel path reproducing the effect of the surrounding network of paths

About the garden

Sitting at the intersection of garden design and installation art, this space provides an immersive experience in which visitors can enjoy a quiet moment alone. A beautiful meadow scene is contained within a rusted steel box. Through the use of mirrored walls, the meadow appears to stretch to infinity.

The planting is light and ephemeral, contrasting with the stark metal exterior. The garden references dreamscapes and memories: the illusion created by the mirrored room means the meadow exists in the eye of the beholder. Each visitor is reflected within their own meadow scene, encouraging them to experience the garden through their own senses rather than via a camera viewfinder.

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