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Did you know...

  • The Breckland landscape changes within metres from verdant and lush to scrubby woodland, and copse and spinney to chalk heathland
  • Pingos are ponds with a difference - a dip in the landscape and a memory created by the last Ice Age - and now and endangered habitat
  • A green turf roof covers the building at the rear of the landscape effectively negating its footprint. Inside a rotating log burner is suspended from the roof

About the garden

Inspired by areas of the Breckland landscape in Norfolk, the garden represents one of the many ‘pingos’ or shallow fluctuating pools found in this region. It's set within the grounds of an old farmhouse on the edge of a village, which is surrounded by scrubby, sparse woodland.

The garden captures the tranquil natural feel of the pingo and demonstrates how a sympathetic response to this natural and historic feature can lead to a greater appreciation and enjoyment of the space. The garden has a verdant and lush feel with various shades of green pushing to the fore. Aromatic planting adds another dimension, and contrasting leaf texture forms a relaxed carpet across the garden.

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