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Did you know...

  • With in the garden is a secluded area for calm contemplation complete with hexagonal pool, bench and planted with fragrant plants such as Trachelospermum, white lilies and tall Cardiocrinum
  • The moat at the entrance to the garden is symbolic of the barriers amputees face, while the bridge represents the charity's work. Look out for attractive silvery leaved willow Salix exigua
  • The huge pair of carved wooden hands by the garden's central meeting place optimise the message of help and support

About the garden

The Limbcare Garden delivers a message of hope to amputees and their families who have the huge challenge of accepting a dramatically changed life.

Within the garden, key features symbolise how the charity gives hope and security. For example, the bridge over the pebble stream represents the amputee reaching out to the charity and receiving a helping hand. One seating area provides a communal space to share and another seat is an intimate space to get away.

The planting is designed to offer a breathing space away from the clinical environment – a human, calming space where the power of nature to heal is manifest.

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