Santa Rita 'Living La Vida 120' Garden

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Did you know...

  • The hard landscaping elements of this garden create interesting contrasts; the smooth, burnt-yellow walls and pale-grey, Italian porcelain paving conflicting visually with gabion walls of rough stone. A narrow water rill running through the paving helps unite the whole scheme
  • Planting is varied but appealing; seven unusual pollarded Arbutus (strawberry trees) provide height and bulk, underplanted with Pittosporum tobira, blue agapanthus, Agave, purple flowered salvia and herbs including thyme and purple sage
  • The most arresting plants used in this garden are arguably the numerous examples of architectural Yucca rostrata which forms rosettes of slender bright blue leaves and, in time, stout trunks. Plants may prove hardy given well drained soil in a sunny well drained position

About the garden 

Santa Rita wines brings a flavour of Chile to Hampton Court. The garden is a contemporary space that blends arid and Mediterranean planting with strong architectural forms. Key plants include multi-stemmed Arbutus unedo trees, Pittosporum tobira 'Nanum' (Japanese mock orange) and Agave americana (American aloe).

Hard elements are made up of earthy raw materials, with the addition of a steel wall that cuts through the garden, adding a punch of oxide yellow. The colours and terroir of the Santa Rita vineyards are a great inspirational backdrop for this garden.

The space is tranquil, secluded and beautiful. It is the perfect place to sit back, relax, enjoy a moment with loved ones, pour a glass of wine and live ‘La Vida 120’.

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