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The Smart Meter Garden is an immersive metaphor for our future environment and explores the relationship between carbon emissions and our natural world, encouraging each of us to install a smart meter, thus providing the platform for a smart energy system which will help us to move towards a lower carbon economy.
A perimeter of beautiful trees and lush drifts of shade planting form the boundary of this garden. Inside a black, glistening, winding path leads to the centre of the garden, where curved benches face a large circular area that is blackened and cracked. Lights flash beneath the cracks, gassy smoke seeps and the surface floods with water transforming the centre of the garden into a giant mirror that reflects the lush trees.
The garden’s centre symbolises the burning of unnecessary energy and its effect on our planet, while the garden’s perimeter, with its lush planting represents the future we could have.

This garden is the winner of the Tudor Rose/Best Show Garden. 

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