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Through Your Eyes aims to provide a unique immersive experience for the festival visitor. The garden is overlooked by a large sculptural head that can be entered, allowing each person a moment alone to contemplate the garden and its message.

The design explores the path of life and the obstacles that we each overcome. Mental health, age, family and friendships are all addressed through the materials and planting choice.

Rough stepping stones, representing the choices we make, weave through lush planting and low pines to a central reflective pool with no obvious way to cross. This pool is flanked by two pools of troubled water that are dark and turbulent. A split boulder guides the way through low grasses to a bench nestled at the rear of the garden in the embrace of three majestic twisted willows. Timber posts snaking through the garden join to form the back of the bench; a restful place from which to contemplate life, the path taken and look back across the garden.

With a minimal planting palette, the colour scheme is predominantly green and yellow with a band of dark and sombre tones around the pools. A native mixed hedge forms the boundary and characterful pine trees provide structure and height together with the twisted willows framing the seating area at the rear of the garden.

Also sponsored by William’s Art & Design and Practicality Brown.

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