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The Therapeutic Garden shines a spotlight on the beneficial role that plants and gardening have in supporting people living with dementia, anxiety and other mental illnesses.

Raised beds make the design accessible for all, while bright and colourful planting lifts the visitor’s mood and attracts wildlife.

Plants such as Eucalyptus, Eryngium, thyme and bay have been chosen for their health-enhancing properties, and were originally grown by people living with dementia and other mental illnesses, all of whom have played a part in the design and creation of The Therapeutic Garden.

A number of young offenders have also been involved in the project, which has helped focus their minds and also lead them towards future employment or further education.

The garden will be relocated to Cluniac Gardens in Southend-on-Sea after the festival. In recognition of the Cluniac monks who founded Prittlewell Priory in Southend-on-Sea in the 12th century, the garden features a wicker monk.

Also sponsored by Sovereign, CED Stone and Scope.

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