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The Crest Nicholson Livewell Garden is a small public park dedicated to physical and mental wellbeing. It has been inspired by Essex County Council and Chelmsford City Council’s initiative promoting healthy ways of living and design within new developments. The Livewell Garden will be installed at the proposed new Charter Park development in Chelmsford.

The park features a community space and a contemplation area. The community space is a flexible area for users of all ages and abilities to come together and interact in a relaxing and stimulating environment.

The contemplation area is designed to encourage a quiet moment of reflection in the sunniest part of the garden and is enveloped in sensory planting for wildlife. A water bowl acts as a focal point and reflects the planting and sky. The areas are linked by movable seats, allowing their position to be rearranged to suit different activities.

The whole garden is immersed in luscious planting, featuring many ornamental edibles such as Amelanchier lamarckii (service berry), Malus (crab apple), Chaenomeles (Japanese quince), Ribes (gooseberry), Lonicera caerulea (honeyberry), Corylus avellana ‘Purpurea’ (hazel), grapevines, wild strawberries, creeping raspberries and a huge range of herbs.

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