The Dream of The Indianos

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This garden is based on the lives of the Indianos, emigrants from North Spain at the end of the 19th century. Having worked hard to make their fortune in the Caribbean, they returned home to build schools, hospitals and libraries, even the first theme park. At the same time, they built lavish mansions for themselves. 

This garden revives the lives of the people who powered Galician life into a sparkling New Age. Caribbean exoticism and Galician tradition forged a new garden style of palms and agaves erupted amid camellias and blue hydrangeas.

The colour scheme of the garden is designed to celebrate the exotic, with different textures of green and occasional flashes of colour. At the same time, traditional trees and shrubs add romantic tones, with glossy-leaved camellias and dark yews, atmospheric, deciduous trees, with daubs of nostalgic blue, mophead hydrangeas.

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