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The Stop and Pause Garden is inspired by meditation and the various ways that it can be practised. This calm, still and quiet space in a woodland setting lends itself to improving mental wellbeing. Surrounded by trees, the space has a slightly secretive quality, hiding its sense of tranquillity within. At the centre, a reflection pool, surrounded by muted tones of soft woodland planting adds to the relaxed feel.

The paths through the garden include different textured spaces providing opportunities to notice and enjoy the transitions. Seating areas create places to stop, pause and reflect while enjoying the sight, sounds and smells of nature.

A colour scheme of whites, greens, purples and blues is used to reflect the tones found in natural woodlands and plants include Luzula nivea (snowy woodrush), Ammi visnaga bishop’s weed Thalictrum delavayi (Chinese meadow rue) and Digitalis purpurea (foxglove) cultivars.

After the show the garden is being donated to Solihull Hospital Charity and will be reconstructed in the hospital grounds.

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