The Thames Water Flourishing Future Garden

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As our world changes, the need to take care of our most precious resource is greater than ever. Weather is increasingly unpredictable, with drier summers and wetter winters. In this garden, discover how small changes, such as drought-friendly planting and permeable paving, can have a real impact.

Visitors see how they can encourage biodiversity, reduce water use and prevent flooding in homes and community spaces.

The central rainfall pavilion shows the essential cycle of water that we all rely on to live and grow. A blooming  flower meadow is a miniature version of Thames Water’s sprawling urban wetlands.

The garden contains three main planting areas: drought-tolerant with Eryngium giganteum and Agave americana; moisture-loving featuring Caltha palustris and Lythrum salicaria; and nectar-rich wildflowers with bug and bird boxes set among woodland trees to encourage wildlife.

The garden is also home to the Thames On Tap water bar, where visitors can get free refills of our world class water and help to protect the planet by reducing plastic bottle waste.

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