The Viking Cruises Lagom Garden

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The Viking Cruises Lagom Garden is a space in which to relax, entertain and have all the comforts of a contemporary garden while keeping nature in mind. The inspiration comes from the idea of ‘lagom’, which means not too much, not too little, but perfectly balanced.

In this garden nature meets contemporary design – it’s a space where wildlife can live and thrive in harmony with people and a functional garden for everyone to enjoy.

The garden room is the main focal point for the space. It has a green roof along with crittall-effect windows, which frame the colourful planting behind.

The palette is simple while creating a food source for local wildlife. Plants include nectar-rich species to ensure that nature has a place to call home. The garden celebrates the natural beauty of nature by using trees and plants like pieces of sculpture and allowing them the backdrop to show off.

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