RHS Planet-Friendly Garden

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The RHS Planet-Friendly Garden explores innovative solutions for tackling climate change. The garden incorporates resilient and sustainable planting ideas for hot, dry slopes and sunken, wet marginal areas.

Shade-creating trees give habitats for wildlife and are chosen for their ability to take up and store carbon.

The design concept is balance, with two halves of yin and yang. A central pathway dissects the space and contoured mounds frame a reflective pool at the garden’s centre. A curved bench offers visitors a place on which to pause, sit and reflect.

With take-home ideas for upcycling, the garden demonstrates creative ways to use readily-available materials in interesting ways that can easily be recreated at home.

By championing a positive approach to climate change, plants are selected to attract pollinators, increase biodiversity and for their versatility such as flood mitigation and pollution-busting.

Thanks to the following companies for their support: Torc Pots, Majestic Trees, Grundon and Kinley Systems.

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