The Lion King Anniversary Garden

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This showcase garden has been created to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Disney’s The Lion King in London. Inspired by the stage production and the African landscapes where the story is set, this community garden is surrounded by dry hedge, offering a protected sanctuary for visitors to sit and reflect on their own journey through the ‘Circle of Life’.

The circle motif is incorporated throughout the garden to create balance and harmony. The dusty red soil is planted with swathes of resilient grasses. and a peppering of vibrant, drought-tolerant flowers echoes the bright colours of the production.

Among the visual feast are practical elements as even in the UK, there are take home ideas for planting with climate resilient cultivars and drought tolerant trees.

At a glance:

Who is this garden for? 
A community garden for fans of The Lion King.
Where is the garden set?  
Southeast England​.
Who or what is the design inspiration?
The garden is inspired by the vibrant colours of the theatre show itself and also a traditional Boma (protected meeting place) of the African savannah.

Key sustainability points

  • The feature wall is secured using an innovative temporary solution, rather than using concrete in the garden.
  • Adobe earthen walls are a sustainable, natural material.
  • ‘Boma’ enclosure walls are constructed using Sussex coppiced wood.
  • An organic ‘dry hedge’ creates a wildlife habitat.

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