The Way Of Saint James

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The garden draws inspiration from St. James, the patron saint of Spain, and pilgrims’ journey to Santiago de Compostela. It aims to capture the essence of this spiritual journey and Galicia’s mystical forests.

Key design elements include a pilgrim statue, the Camino symbols of the Santiago cross and a yellow arrow, water fountain, a natural pond, boulders and trees and woodland planting to capture the ambience of the route.

At a glance:

Who is this garden for? 
This design is for a prominent Galician family’s large garden.
Where is the garden set?  
Galicia, Spain.
Who or what is the design inspiration?
Inspired by larger gardens, which are divided by tall hedges into three distinct areas - ornamental, horticultural, and woodland. This garden will primarily create a woodland setting, providing a serene sanctuary for relaxation and unwinding, evoking the tranquil ambiance of a forest.

Metal arches with scented climbers and gravel paths evoke the romantic nature of Galician gardens, and granite evokes the paving materials typical of the area. The choice of familiar species of shrubs, and herbaceous perennials creates an immersive experience and pays homage to the dense, ancient Galician forests.

Key sustainability points

  • All materials and plants are sourced from UK suppliers to reduce the carbon footprint that increases with transportation. For example, Scottish Grampian granite, very similar to Galician granite, is used as a paving material.
  • Scottish gabbro boulders, which are natural in a woodland environment, are dug up from farmers’ fields in Scotland when they plough them each summer. This makes them a sustainably sourced material.
  • The eco-friendly pond with aquatic plants and the insect hotel within the woodland planting, promote biodiversity.

Repurpose & relocation

The garden will be relocated to a care home in the UK. It will offer a serene sanctuary for relaxation and a tranquil, nurturing forest ambience within a woodland garden for the care home’s residents.

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