Mushroom & Microgreen Growtainer

Jack Hodgson of Jack’s Patch brings a new way of growing in the city to the RHS Urban Show. 

Microgreen Growtainer
Microgreen Growtainer display Microgreen Growtainer display

​“You don’t need fancy equipment, you don’t even need much space or even a garden,” says Jack, who hopes his futuristic growing system will win over hearts and minds when they see how easy and sustainable it is. “I believe it’s the best starter pack to grow food at home.  Microgreens can grow in as little as 7-21 days depending on the seed and mushrooms can take 4-6 weeks. Both need little maintenance, and you can grow your own superfood at home.”

The future of urban food farming

Mushroom display

A colourful cube of blue lights, tubing and steel racking supporting trays of verdant microgreens, and tubs filled with blooms of mushrooms create a visually arresting display.  The aesthetic is industrial, but the result is fresh organic food.

“I’m really hoping to wow people,” says Jack. “The colours, the lights, the style and the ease of this way of growing will not just inspire people, it will stick in their minds long after the show is over.”

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Mushrooms and microgreens have a symbiotic relationship. Mushrooms take in oxygen and release CO2 and microgreens, being plants, take in CO2 and release oxygen so they help each other grow.

“I would love to inspire all types of people, from food growers to someone who has never grown food, that they can do it too.”
–Jack Hodgson, Jack’s Patch

Jack’s growing tips

  • Microgreens can be grown in a milk or mushroom carton on a sunny window or under a lamp.
  • Mushroom can be grown in buckets such as those local cafes throw away. All you need is need some straw and spawn (substrate innoculated with fungi mycelium).
  • Put the bucket near a window to get light and some vitamin D, or in a bathroom near the shower for humidity. Remember to keep spraying to keep it moist.
Visitors to the show are likely to catch Jack’s infectious enthusiasm for this grow your own trend, perfectly suited for the city gardener. As Jack says, “Microgreens are still not a household word like they are in America so watch this space...”

Mushroom & Microgreen plant list

Grey oyster mushrooms
Yellow oyster mushrooms
Pink oyster mushrooms
Pea shoots
Sunflower shoots
Broccoli microgreens
Sangria pink radish microgreens
Daikon radish microgreens
Garlic chive microgreens
Red veined sorrel microgreens
Amaranth Microgreens
Coriander microgreens
White mustard microgreens
Red cabbage microgreens

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