How to grow your own

Practical advice and tips on urban growing packed into a small space for achievable projects and inspiring ideas

How to grow your own display
Fish tank planter Alternative planter



Propagation made easy

Busting the myth that propagating plants is difficult or requires specialist training, the team from University of Manchester Botanical Grounds, demonstrate techniques including taking cuttings, water propagation and propagule repotting, with tools and resources accessible for the urban gardener.

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Small space gardening

Hanging planters
Every inch of the space is packed with possibilities, from vertical growing systems filled with veg, to shelves stuffed with ornamentals. For those with some limited outside space, there are balcony-sized cold frames and raised beds for growing salads and tomatoes.

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Cutting waste

Reusable planting container
Reusing and upcycling are key to the urban garden ethos. Old Tupperware is great for sowing seeds, glasses and jars make practical and beautiful water propagators, and broken kitchenware gets a new life as a plant pot.

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Fruit and veg planting
Packed with grow your own fruit and vegetables, as well as flower and foliage for ornamental value, here are a few of the plants that are featured on the display.

Food Plants
Solanum lycopersicum (Tomato) – ‘Indigo Blueberry’, ‘Tigerella’, ‘Costoluto Florentino’, ‘Yellow Pear’
Lactuca sativa (Lettuce) – ‘Rosella’, ‘Little Gem’, ‘Gilaad’, ‘American Brauner’
Phaseolus conccineus (Fig) – ‘Scarlet Emperor’
Ficus carica (Chard) – Beta vulgaris ‘Bright Lights’
Amaranthus viridis (Callalloo)
Raphanus sativus (Radish)
Brassica chinensis var. Parachinensis (Choy Sum)
Pisum sativum (Pea) ‘Carouby de Maussane’
Pisum sativum var. Saccharatum (Mangetout) – ‘Oregon Sugar Pods’
Glycine max (Edamame) – ‘Green Shell’
Phaseolus vulgaris (various cultivars, climbing French bean)
Radicchio rossa
Brassica oleracea var. Sabellica (Kale)
Brassica narinosa ‘Tatsoi Red F1’
Glebionis coronaria (Shungiku)
Ipomoea batatas (Sweet potato)
Actinidia chinensis (Kiwi)
Daucus carota cultivars (Carrot)
Spinacia oleraceae (Spinach) –  ‘Viking’, ‘Medania’
Annona cherimola (Cherimoya)

Epipremnum aureum
Lathyrus odoratus ‘Old Fashioned’
Rhapis exelsa
Cheilocostus speciosus
Rhaphidophora tetrasperma
Syngonium podophyllum
Lavatera x clementii ‘Bredon Springs’
Nepeta × faassenii ‘Purrsian Blue’
Christella dentata
Monstera deliciosa
Begonia dregei
Tradescantia pallida ‘Purple Heart’
Epipremnum aureum
Pilea caldieri
Cereus repandus
Kalanchoe daigremontiana

Runyonii ‘Illusion’

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