The RHS Plant Finder exists to put enthusiastic gardeners in touch with suppliers of plants. It's updated yearly and currently contains details of more than 70,000 plants and where to find them. The book is divided into two sections: Plants and Nurseries. The Plants section includes an A-Z directory of plant names, with nursery codes alongside. These codes point readers to the nurseries' details, which form the latter section of the book.

RHS Plant Finder 2017

The 30th anniversary edition contains additional articles in a special colour section, including a history of Plant Finder, as well as contributions from plantspeople, nursery owners and renowned gardeners. As well as explaining the importance of the book to nurseries, there is an exploration of the links between published plant names, RHS Plant Trials and the RHS Award of Garden Merit (AGM).

Why buy a printed copy?

✤ Information at your fingertips, regardless of whether you have an internet connection.
✤ Full details of classifications of various genera including roses, chrysanthemums and lilies
✤ Quickly scan a list of plants to see which are new.
✤ Support the work of the RHS.

RHS Plant Finder 2017, Royal Horticultural Society, April 2017, ISBN 9781907057779
✤ RRP £14.99. Order your copy from the RHS Bookshop.

Rare and unusual plants from independent nurseries form the backbone of the RHS Plant Finder – and it provides a useful tool for nursery owners too, says Rosy Hardy, founder of Hampshire nursery Hardy’s Cottage Garden Plants.

Keeping up the range of different varieties of plants available for gardeners to buy is a really important part of the independent nursery world, and the beauty of the RHS Plant Finder is the breadth of listed nurseries it contains – large or small, varied or specialist, located right across Britain and Ireland.

These independents have important skills in propagating and growing their plants, and can also advise about their care. It is the passion of independent nurseries that is so valued by customers, and without a listing such as the RHS Plant Finder, the consumer is unlikely to find these tiny specialist outlets.

Checking names

The Plant Finder is also a useful asset when preparing my nursery show displays. RHS Shows judging criteria requires all plants to be labelled with the correct naming (nomenclature) and names can quickly change, so an up-to-date reference is essential.

Our nursery supplies a considerable range of plant cultivars, so being listed in the directory book helps link us with consumers who are looking for a particular species, variety or cultivar. We became listed after about five years of trading, and the publication gave us another platform from which to advertise our plants directly to the plant-buying public.


Helping customers

Centaurea montana 'Joyce'

The Plant Finder is an incredibly useful for aiding our customers in their plant searches. We're a small nursery, and if we don’t supply a certain cultivar, we often use it to recommend another listed nursery who does, and hope that this act is reciprocated!

The directory certainly offers a wonderful resource for plant hunters in all areas of the UK and Ireland, and it encourages more nurseries to list their fabulous plants and ensure that even more cultivars are made available.

Additionally, the fact that RHS Plant Finder is available both in book format and online is great because often while out plant hunting you find yourself in parts of the countryside lacking good internet connection.

Without the RHS Plant Finder to aid my spelling of plant labels at the RHS Shows, I would have to rely on my phone being fully charged and be dependent on a good internet connection. My preference, however, is always for the book, and my well-thumbed copy is certainly ready for an upgrade!

RHS Podcast

Listen to Janet Cubey, Editor-in-Chief of the RHS Plant Finder, discuss what the book has to offer and the changes in plant fashions it has revealed to her during her tenure in an episode of the RHS Members' Podcast (item starts at 11:45).


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