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Ever wondered where you can buy a particular plant? Then look no further. The RHS Plant Finder is an A-Z directory of 81,000 plant names and where to buy them

Prunus 'Beni-tamanishiki' AGM

About the RHS Plant Finder

First published in 1987 and providing a snapshot of British garden plants and trends for more than 30 years, the RHS Plant Finder is a horticultural bible.

Published once a year, it lists all the plants available from more than 530 nurseries in the UK and Europe. You can identify the plant you want and see its stockists nationwide alongside website, mail order information, opening times and contact details for each nursery.

“For garden designers, RHS Plant Finder offers an indispensable list of ingredients, while horticultural writers use it for reference.”
Janet Cubey, Plant Finder Editor-In-Chief

Originally compiled by Chris Philip and his partner Denys Gueroult, who were looking for interesting plants to grow in their garden and recording what nursery was selling what selection, the original Plant Finder listed 22,000 plants. Since then the book has grown in terms of the plant groups it covers, its comprehensiveness and the number of genera, species and cultivars that are included.

RHS Plant Finder 2020The 2020 edition contained more than 3,300 plants that had never been included in RHS Plant Finder before.  As well as a feature on new plant highlights, the reference also updated gardeners on the results of the RHS Plants for Bugs’ project that studied the best plant mixes to encourage invertebrates into gardens.

RHS Plant Finder helps you –

  • Find a specific plant and where you can buy it
  • Find a plant with a particular name, such as the name of your daughter
  • Look for specialist nurseries near you
  • Learn the correct name to use for a plant
  • Know which plants are good for pollinators
  • Select AGM fruit and vegetables from their descriptions
  • See the horticultural classification of genera with large numbers of cultivars (for example, which tulips are Fringed, Lily-flowered, Triumph or Parrot cultivars)

RHS Plant Finder 2021

We have taken the difficult decision not to publish the RHS Plant Finder directory in book form for 2021. However, we will be publishing nursery information and nursery plant lists from our RHS Plant Finder directory on the Find-a-plant section of the RHS website.

Here, you can search for more than 10,000 plants by name, attribute (or both) to help you find plant profiles and a list of potential suppliers. The updated information for 2021 will be available in spring.

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Useful information

For further information about the RHS Plant Finder, or to request an entry for your nursery in the next edition, please contact Lindsay Durrant, RHS Plant Finder Compiler at plantfinder@rhs.org.uk.

Please note: We are unable to add new nurseries to the website until next year.

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Search by plant name, attribute or both to find plant details and a list of suppliers.

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