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Specialist campanulas

This group of campanulas includes compact or spreading plants that, in the wild, grow among rocks. It included a few that cannot survive frost and are often grown in containers under cover in a cold frame or cold greehouse.


These plants are mainly low-growing and compact, forming tufts or clumps, sometimes with flexible, trailing stems. The bell-like flowers appear in spring and summer, often covering the plant. They come in shades of pale blue, mauve, pink and white.


Specialist campanulas need free-draining soil in sun. Many do well in shallow pots filled with gritty compost and are kept in a well ventilated, unheated greenhouse over winter.


They cannot cope with wet soil, especially in winter, as this can cause the roots to rot. A shady position leads to uneven growth and flowering can be poor.

Did you know?

Campanula isophylla is unsuitable for growing outdoors, but can be kept in a conservatory or greenhouse and brought into the house when in flower.

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