British Ecological Society

Delight in the Dark

Shade is an almost inevitable part of gardening. In our exhibit, we explore a variety of shady garden situations and demonstrate how different plants respond to them. Some plants, typically considered shade-tolerant, are vernal and flower in early spring, taking advantage of higher light levels. We will demonstrate how plants detect shade by monitoring light composition and show how they respond to these cues, either avoiding or tolerating low light levels. Through a display that features an array of shade plants we will illustrate the adaptations that enable plants to thrive in shady environments. 

We show that by matching the right plants with a specific type of shade, it is possible to grow beautiful plants in shady areas. in addition, by using the principles of ‘right plant, right place, right light’ we will demonstrate how it is possible to improve human wellbeing by planting a combination of plants that will have a positive impact on the human experience.

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