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Inspired by botanical crafts, The Naturecraft Garden explores how we can create beautiful objects from the plants we grow. A variety of time-honoured crafts feature in the garden, from the creation of natural dyes and herbal medicines to flower pressing and willow weaving. As well as their decorative value, the plants in this romantic country garden all have a purpose, whether it be medicinal, edible or practical.

Designed for a nature-loving craft enthusiast, the garden features a dry-stone firepit shepherd’s hut and eccentric surprising objects that have been foraged and curated to form a sanctuary where creativity can thrive.

The planting is a mix of yellow, white and pink, most plants are medicinal, used in dye or edible. These include Foeniculum vulgare, (fennel - helps digestion and used in essential oils), Daucus carota (wild carrot - edible and makes a yellow dye), Anthemis tinctoria (dyer’s chamomile - yellow dye plan) and Hypericum perforatum (St John’s wort - for antidepressant qualities and makes a pink dye).

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