Creating a garden above a garage roof

Gardens can be created in the smallest of spaces. Our plans for an attractive outdoor space show how a garage extension to a home can be enhanced to make a usable garden space

If you lack garden space, and have a garage attached to a house, you could feasibly create a garden on its roof and access the space from the first floor. This compact garden could be a practical functioning space all year round regardless of the weather. Our plan offers an opportunity to maximise outdoor space with a creative design.

A plan for a small space

In this 28sq m garden, the ‘ground’ is landscaped with wooden boards. The same material is used to make a fitted wooden bench, which provides seating interrupted by planting containers that are set at the same height. Trellis provides a boundary, though the seat and planters effectively become the garden border.

We have used circles on the ground, like rugs, both as an eye-catching element and as frames for planting. The water feature adds movement.

Planting and the UK climate

We've brought a tropical theme to our planting scheme. In a UK climate, the plants may not last forever but the hardscape will survive and can be used as a backdrop for any planting scheme. 

Whatever plants you choose, with the hardscape that we've designed, the look will be contemporary and sleek.

Before embarking on a project like this, ensure you seek structural and engineering advice for any changes to a roof or building, and the required planning permissions.

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