Plants grown in peat-free compost in the propagation department at RHS Garden WisleyThe RHS is acutely conscious of how precious peat bogs are and how vital it is to change gardening behaviours, which is why our gardens are now 97 percent peat free. We also provide guidance to gardeners of every level on the use of alternatives to peat.

As an organisation we are committed to reducing peat use wherever practicable - wherever reliable alternatives exist for the variety of operations in our gardens. We believe that using peat for soil incorporation and ground mulching is unnecessary and unacceptable, and we do not use peat in this way at our gardens. 
We are an active member of the Government's steering group addressing the question of peat use in horticulture. The RHS is also a key member of the horticultural industry working group that has been developing a way of assessing the environmental and social sustainability of materials used in gardens. This assessment will help gardeners make more informed decisions about the growing media they choose.

The RHS is also conducting research into the properties of peat-free materials, and is exploring how to use more sustainable materials in growing media. The outcome of this research will be shared with gardeners and the horticultural sector in order to provide a robust, evidence-based case for the use of peat alternatives.

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