Wisley Community Allotment Project FAQs

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Q: Are there any specific dates to which I would need to commit?

A: The launch date for the Community Allotment project was 27 February 2025, you will need to be available on this date and available to attend each masterclass once a month (see further details below).

Q: When does the Community Allotment Project finish?

A: The final clearing of the plots will take place in January 2026, in order to prepare them for the following year’s allotmenteers.

Q: Do I have to be an RHS member to be part of the Community Allotment Project?

A: No, while you are part of the Community Allotment project, entry to the garden is free and you can come into the garden as often as you like during opening hours.

Q: Can I bring someone with me to help on my allotment plot?

A: Yes, a maximum of one adult or two child helpers may be brought to the allotments on any one occasion. Normal garden ticket prices shall apply to helpers. The safety of helpers is the responsibility of the allotmenteer.

Q: When and where are the masterclasses held?

A: The Masterclasses take place throughout the year, approximately once a month between March and October. They are on Thursday between 10.30am and 12.30pm. There are eight masterclasses in all, and are held at the allotments.

Q: How big is each allotment plot?

A: Each plot measures approximately 3m x 4m. Allotmenteers are responsible for all tasks including weeding, watering and the general upkeep of their plot and its surroundings. 

Q: What if I cannot come in to water my plot?

A: Traditionally the allotmenteers work as a team and set up a watering and greenhouse rota between them, in order to cover each other when an absence is unavoidable.

Q: Do I have to be very fit to take part?

A: There will be a good amount of manual handling involved, which includes, bending, digging and lifting. Please let us know if you have any additional accessibility requirements or concerns and we will support you wherever we can.

Q: How much time would I need to spend working on the allotment?

A: It is likely that you would need to tend your plot for about three hours per week, and more during the summer months.

Q: How much does it cost to take part?

A: It costs £120 for the year (to be confirmed for 2025). This includes all safety equipment, an allotment-planning handbook, secateurs, seeds, use of equipment and eight allotment masterclasses.

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