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Specialist crocus

Botanical name: Crocus

Some crocuses need particular conditions and are best grown in troughs or pots kept in a well-ventilated unheated greenhouse or alpine house. Flowering time is dependent on species.


Flowers are often more slender in outline than the garden types, opening flat to show off their stamens. Colours include white, yellow and lilacs.


These crocuses like to grow in a sunny position where soil drains freely and they can get a dry summer baking. Pot up using a potting compost with added grit.


These bulbs dislike wet soil, particularly when resting in summer. They also dislike shade. A few such as C. boryi and C. cartwrightianus are considered frost hardy (not fully hardy).

Did you know?

Several species have fragrant flowers. Container-grown plants can be brought into a well-lit but cool room in the house when in flower, to appreciate their scent.
The Alpine Garden Society is a good place for information on this type of plant.
RHS Garden Wisley has several Crocus collections for viewing in spring and autumn in its alpine house above the Rock Garden 

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