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Weird, wild and wonderful - urban gardens as you've never seen them (Ep 142: 08 Nov 2018)

A visit to the recent RHS Urban Garden show uncovers an ultraviolet garden, dancing plants, terrariums and much more. Plus a delve into dahlias and gardening advice on preventing pot plants suffering in summer heat, what to do with an abundant grape harvest and smaller, slug-resistant sunflowers.

Useful links: ►Search RHS gardening advice  ►RHS Find a plantDahlias - beautiful varieties for home and garden (book) ►Find an RHS event near you

Selected plants mentioned: ►Perennial sunflower: Helianthus 'Lemon Queen'  ►Sunflowers 'Elite Sun' and 'Suntastic'   ►Synsepalum dulcificum  - miracle berry  ► Codariocalyx motorius (syn. Desmodium gyrans) - the dancing plant

Olive Harrisson: R.E. Ruddock / RHS Lindley CollectionsUncovering the mysterious Miss Harrisson, plants on trial and hats off to begonias  (Ep 141: 25 Oct 2018)

This week's podcast is all about gardening winners - from Edwardian trailblazer who ruffled feathers by daring to win a nationwide horticultural competition while being a woman - to brilliant begonias, which won the RHS People's Choice Award last year on the Wisley trials field. Plus a look at how RHS Plant Trials are conducted and what the Awards of Garden Merit they produce mean for gardeners.

Useful links: ►RHS Lindley Library displays: Finding Miss Harrisson  ►BBC news: Who was Miss Harrison?  ►BBC news: Story of unsung gardener revealed RHS Plant Trials  ►Award of Garden Merit  ►all RHS events

New shoots - growing the next generation of gardeners (12 Oct 2018)

The RHS Campaign for School Gardening touches the lives of hundreds of thousands of children throughout the UK, providing children with gardening opportunities to enhance their skills while boosting their development and wellbeing. We meet the people behind the campaign as well as the winners of its recent School Gardening Awards.

Useful links:RHS Campaign for School GardeningSchool visits to RHS Gardens   ►Follow us on FacebookCFSG on Twitter

It's harvest time! Celebrating homegrown produce and seasonal GYO advice (Ep 140: 10 Oct 2018)
This week's episode is jam-packed with helpful info on growing your own fruit and veg, including pumpkins and squashes, courgettes, garlic, pears, French and runner beans and more. Plus the Garden Advisors discuss banishing an over-enthusiastic Virginia creeper and growing cut flowers for a wedding.

Varieties mentioned: Squash/pumpkin: 'Crown Prince',   'Potimarron', 'Galeux d'Eysines', 'Black Futsu', 'Rouge Vif d'Etampes', 'Goosebumps'.

Useful links:RHS Grow Your OwnCampaign for School Gardening   ►How to grow sweet peas   ►hardy annualsRHS Urban Garden Show   ►Wisley Conifer Show   ►all RHS events

Gardening for good, repairing lawns, tips on growing dahlias, roses, damsons and more (Ep 139: 27 Sept 2018)

If you go down to the shops today, you're in for a big surprise. If you live in Sheerwater, Surrey, that is - where a new community garden is taking root as a result of an innovative new partnership between the RHS, community groups, local councils and the HLF*. Plus our Gardening Advice team gather to untangle a postbag bulging with horticultural heartaches including questions on dahlias, damsons, roses, hydrangeas, sweetcorn and more.

Useful links: ►Get involved with community gardening projects  ►RHS gardening advice  ►How to grow plums & damsonsDahlia cultivation advice

*The Sheerwater Together Community Garden was designed and built by students from the School of Horticulture at RHS Garden Wisley in partnership with local people and community groups, Woking Borough Council and Surrey County Council, with support from The Heritage Lottery Fund

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