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Tools and technology (22 Oct)

From Japanese digging knives to LED growing lights, tools and technology are transforming the way we garden. In this episode RHS experts share some unusual favourite gardening implements. We discuss how technology – from 19th century lawnmowers to 21st century sensors and apps – has changed and continues to change the face of gardening. Chelsea designer Hay Joung Hwang describes how she incorporates technology into her gardens. Paul Myers of Farm Urban explains how a zero-waste underground farm is bringing fresh year-round local food to the heart of Liverpool.

Useful links: ►RHS gardening advice ►Hay.Designs (Hay Joung Hwang)  ►Farm Urban

Going wild for weeds (15 October)

In week's programme we’re going wild for weeds. Author and designer Jack Wallington sings the praises of these much maligned plants and offers ideas for using them in gardens. RHS gardening advisor Nikki Barker offers insight on dealing with Japanese knotweed. California-based educator Indy Srinath shares her love of dandelions and writer Gareth Richards offers insight into the secrets of weeds’ success.

Useful links: Wild About Weeds by Jack Wallington  Indy Srinath  ►How to identify common weeds ►RHS advice on Japanese knotweed Do Bees Need Weeds? by Holly Farrell & Gareth Richards  RHS Find a plant Search RHS gardening advice 

Selected weeds mentioned: 
Cow parsley (Anthriscus sylvestris), herb robert (Geranium robertianum), caper spurge (Euphorbia lathyris)

The forgotten kingdom: Fascinating fungi (8 Oct)

If you thought that fungi are just toadstools, think again. In this episode we discover how they make food, both help and hinder plants, and even inspire music. Featuring author and biologist Merlin Sheldrake, mushroom grower Ann Miller and RHS gardening experts.

Useful links: ►Merlin Sheldrake on Instagram ►Ann Miller's Speciality Mushrooms Search RHS gardening advice 

Back to school special (1 Oct)

This week we're turning young fingers green in a programme dedicated to the gardeners of tomorrow. Alana Cama and RHS Young Ambassador George Hassall hear heartwarming stories of people involved with the RHS Campaign For School Gardening; including last year's School Gardening Champion of the Year, Michelle Jones. Plus Lee Connelly, aka the Skinny Jean Gardener shares tips on how to engage children in gardening.

Useful links: ►RHS Campaign for School Gardening ►George Hassall ►Michelle Jones, School Gardening Champion of the Year 2019 ►Lee Connelly, Skinny Jean Gardener ►Search RHS gardening advice 

Photo by Andrew Montgomery / Immediate MediaGrowing bulbs and organic gardening (24 Sept)

If you love spring bulbs but aren't sure where to start, we've got you covered. RHS Gardening Advisor Jenny Bowden gives her bulb planting 101 with lots of handy hints and tips; plus some lovely recommendations of which varieties to plant. Organic food grower and writer* Claire Ratinon tells the story of how she got into an ecologically-based way of gardening, and why it matters. Claire gives tips for organic growing in small spaces and containers. Plus garden designer Tom Massey's love letter to London's green lung, Richmond Park.

Useful links: ►Discover bulbs ►Tulip fire ►Award of Garden Merit (AGM) ►Organic gardening ►*How to grow your dinner without leaving the house by Claire RatinonGet personalised gardening advice online (RHS members only) ►Join the RHS

Selected plants mentionedScilla siberica, Crocus tommasinianus, crocus 'Snow Bunting', crocus 'Golden Yellow'; daffodil 'Carlton', daffodil 'Salome', daffodil 'Misty Glen', tulip 'Honky Tonk', Gladiolus byzantinus, daffodil 'February Gold', daffodil 'Tête à Tête', Narcissus poeticus (pheasant's eye narcissus) ►RHS Find a plant

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