Allotment styles

There are numerous ways that you can manage a plot and styles that you can adopt; here are a few ideas

veg patchWhat kind of allotment do you want?

There is no set style of allotment gardening and, despite the magisterial tone you may see in older books, there probably never was. Allotment holders are individualists who want to express their needs and desires in their own way.

You can borrow any method that suits and seems good, and find your own solutions if none exist. Nevertheless, there are some broad themes to which gardeners often adhere.

Each style always has its enthusiasts, but there is no evidence that any are of such great merit, with such outstanding health, flavour or environmental benefits, that they should supplant all others and are the only possible way to get good results. Most gardeners take what they like or need from each theme to make their own style.

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