Get Set, Grow! Episode Five

It will soon be time to plant out tender vegetables, so this episode of Get Set, Grow! shows you how. Plus, learn how to ensure a steady supply of crop through the summer, and how to grow delicious strawberries

Instead of having a one-off glut of a crop, you can ensure a steady harvest of some vegetables thanks to successional sowing.  In this episode of Get Set, Grow! Bhupinder explains how successional sowing works, and demonstrates how to use it on your plot.

Once the risk of frost has passed, you’ll also be ready to plant out your tender vegetables, such as sweetcorn, courgettes and squash. Bhupinder shows you how to space out your vegetable crops, and how to plant them. You may have sown some of these vegetables following the previous episode of Get Set, Grow!

If you also planted strawberry plants back in Episode One, then you may be wondering how to care for them – and how to get a bounty of fruit in the summer. Watch this episode of Get Set, Grow! for tips and tricks on feeding strawberry plants, and protecting the fruit.

What you’ll need for Episode Five

We’ve made a list of all the gardening tools and seeds Bhupinder is using in the fifth episode of Get Set, Grow! You may not need all of the seeds listed, so simply choose the ones which you want to grow on your plot. Alternatively, you may have already sown some of your seeds indoors, as explained in the previous episode, ready for planting out when all risk of frost has passed.

We’ve included links to the RHS Shop so you can take a closer look or order anything you need, if you like. You may have some of these items already. Remember, you don’t need to buy everything and you might be able to borrow some tools.

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