Get Set, Grow! Episode Two

It’s time to plant your chitted potatoes, onion bulbs and garlic sets. This episode of Get Set, Grow! will show you how and where to plant these delicious crops, while also introducing crop rotation

Following the first episode of Get Set, Grow! you’ll have chitted your potatoes and, by this episode, you’ll be ready to plant them. Lettie shows you how to plant those potatoes in the ground or in a grow bag, and she also explains what is meant by ‘earthing up’.

Next in the episode you’ll learn how to plant onion and garlic sets, as well as sow broccoli seeds.

If you’re wondering why we’ve laid out the plot the way we have, then this is a great episode for you – in the video, Lettie explains crop rotation and why it will help you to grow healthy fruit and vegetables year after year.

What you’ll need for Episode Two

We’ve made a list of all the gardening tools, plants and seeds Lettie is using in the second episode of Get Set, Grow! We’ve included links to the RHS Shop so you can take a closer look or order anything you need, if you like. You may have some of these items already. Remember, you don't need to buy everything and you might be able to borrow some tools.

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