Plant and garden photographer

A range of photography is needed for scientific publications, magazines, books and websites

Training, qualifications and skills Varied but could include training on the job, working as an assistant to other photographers before becoming a staff photographer for a publisher. Networking is helpful.
Career progression opportunities Teaching, freelancing, working for media companies or working for agencies – there are many types of opportunities depending on the type of photography preferred.
Useful links Garden Media Guild
The Association of Photographers
British Institute of Professional Photography

Focus on: Photographer

Clive Boursnell
Full time, salary up to £65k

I photograph people in work situations, as well as gardens, the landscape and architecture. I give photography workshops and teach photography at Oxford Brooks University.

Work with love and consideration to others. Always leave a garden with an invitation to come back. Never stop looking. Never think you’ve finished the shot.

I tell stories with my camera, such as the work of a market or the creation of a ballet, or the beauty of a garden. Whatever is before my camera, I work with love.

The main outlets for publishing my work are magazines, newspapers and books. I also teach photography at Oxford Brooks University. I give many workshops and talks on my garden photography.

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