Jobs to do in February

Finish winter pruning and prepare for sowing

Tomato seedlingsAs long as the ground isn’t frozen, you can prepare seedbeds this month.  If it’s a new plot, test your soil before the season starts. It’s also your last chance to winter prune fruit.

Sowing and planting



Chitting early potatoes in egg boxes next to a windowPruning and training



  • Check netting is secure over brassicas to avoid pigeon damage.

  • Protect any outdoor almond, peach, apricot and nectarine blossom from frost on particularly cold nights with an old bedsheet or re-used fleece, but make sure insects can access the flowers for pollination.
  • Pick yellowing leaves off Brussels sprouts and other brassicas promptly, to prevent spread of grey mould and brassica downy mildew.

  • Remove any dead plant material from the previous growing season from the vegetable plot.

  • Clear weeds from under young/establishing fruit trees and bushes and apply a layer of organic matter mulch.
  • Check stored fruit and remove any showing signs of rot.

Spring cabbages protected from pigeons with nettingGeneral care


  • Untie trained/festooned fruit tree branches that have set into position. Check ties and staking on fruit trees and loosen or refasten where necessary.
  • Harvest citrus fruit when ready (once they have reached full size and developed a rich skin colour).

  • Cover outdoor, soil-grown strawberries with cloches for an earlier crop.

  • Tip back summer-fruiting raspberry canes to 15cm (6in) above their top support wire.

Ripe Citrus 'Juno' on a tree

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