Growing guide

How to grow dracaena

Handsome, undemanding and well-suited to conditions in our homes, dracaenas are deservedly popular houseplants. With a fountain of narrow, glossy leaves at the top of a woody stem, they can have an almost palm-like appearance as they grow taller.

Quick facts

  • They need year-round warmth and indirect light

  • Plants can be damaged by fluoride in tap water, so use rainwater or filtered water if possible

  • The main stem gets taller over time, potentially reaching a stately 2m (6½ft) or more

  • They occasionally produce clusters of small, white, starry flowers that perfume the whole room

  • All parts of the plant are toxic

All you need to know

Before you get started
Ongoing care
Pruning and training
While we think all this information will be helpful to you, we always recommend to read the instruction labels on your plants.

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